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5 reasons to plan your event and incentive trip in Rome


The capital of one of the most powerful ancient empires which has left a legacy of breath-taking monuments and incredible works of art


Rome’s cuisine is beloved throughout the world – from pasta dishes like amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe, to street style pizza, artichokes and zucchini flowers


Zip around the streets of Rome in the stylish Italian Vespas, surrounded by ancient monuments and history.


Dine inside a magnificent Roman villa, the terrace of Rome’s Capitoline Museums, a 15th century cloister or a stunning monument of Giulius Caesar’s times


Take a roadtrip to the Roman hills & lake Bracciano for a winetasting and traditional Italian feast at a country farmhouse and meet the locals for a very traditional culinary experience

Other main Italian Destinations

Amalfi Coast

Southern Italy's famous coastline, home to some of Italy's finest hotels and restaurants, all perched along a beautiful coast of rugged cliffs and sandy coves.


Surprisingly compact, with hidden treasures around just about every corner. The cradle of the Renaissance pulls millions visitors for its palaces and legendary attractions, tuscan cuisine and gelato stands.


Leader of Italy’s fashion and design industry but also a city steeped in history– home to the landmark Gothic Il Duomo and a multitude of inspiring art galleries, museums and churches.


Gloriously romantic in spring, triumphant in summer, noble in autumn and seductive in winter, it is a popular incentive destination year round.