03 March 2020

What TERRAEVENTS is doing in terms of sustainability:


Partnership with ReforestACTION

Everywhere in the world, Reforestation projects aim at restoring degraded forests and contributing to the socio-economic development of populations through the creation and recreation of wood and forest areas.

TERRAEVENTS is partner of Reforestation and offers you the opportunity to rehabilitate a degraded forest or to associate the sale of your products with a planting of a tree.

If you are working with any of our teams, please ask us how to activate this partnership.




Partnership with Equoevento Onlus

As the world becomes more environment-conscious, it becomes increasingly natural for companies to look for sustainable travel & activity options.

Finding a solution to reduce food waste makes a lot of sense ; TERRAEVENTS is committed to fighting food waste by including where possible, Equovento in its events.

Equoevento onlus is a non-profit organization that enables any food not consumed during events to be collected and donated to charitable organizations, family houses, the poor and needy.

We hope you will join us in this important endeavour.


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