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11 October 2018

Our roots are deep in the ground and in the places where we serve you!

Dear friend,

                 it seems like a lifetime ago since I opened +39 ITALY, back in February 2010; my first “solo” business, my own DMC, a one-man band, a dream come true. Thanks to the talented professionals who decided to join forces with me, after 8 short years, many events, countless challenges but a great sense of satisfaction, I now find myself in the very privileged position of being at the helm of a fast growing, fully owned multinational DMC group.

                 The tiny baby has grown up very fast and it’s now time to give it a new outfit as our old brands +39 ITALY, +34 SPAIN and +351 PORTUGAL do not speak anymore to our global reach, nor communicates the core values that we embrace so thoroughly. The rapid growth of the company means we need a stronger, more recognizable global brand to express our common values, to collect and connect the multiple cultural roots we have in our group; for this reason, we decided to undertake a major rebranding exercise culminating with the launch of our new brand identity TERRAEVENTS


Our roots are deep in the ground and in the places where we serve you!

Terra, or “world” as it is in many Latin languages, evokes both where we work (Italy, Spain, Portugal and France) and how we work – strongly, firmly, always on solid grounds.

Terra also describes our values, the foundation of everything we do, as it is a handy acronym and a timely reminder that we’re all about


Trust, Evolution, Responsiveness, Responsibility, Adaptability


I am thrilled to share with you our new Company Profile, I sincerely hope that, in the case you know us already, you will find a clear correspondence between our soul and our image … if you don’t know us yet, I hope this will make you curious to learn more.

Yours faithfully,


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