30 August 2023

Top 5 tips to make your next event more eco-friendly

In a world where the echoes of environmental concerns resonate louder than ever, the events industry finds itself at a crossroads. As we navigate the delicate balance between creating memorable experiences and treading lightly on our planet, the concept of hosting eco-friendly events has emerged as a beacon of hope.  

Beyond mere trends, it represents a profound shift in how we envision and execute events, emphasising sustainability as a fundamental pillar. Whether you are planning a corporate conference, a board meeting, or a pulsating product launch, infusing eco-consciousness into your event planning can forge a meaningful connection between your audience and the planet.  

This blog delves into the significance of eco-friendly events, unravelling the "why" before delving into the "how." Join us as we explore five indispensable tips that promise to not only elevate the quality of your event but also carve a greener path for the events industry. 


What is an eco-friendly event, and why is sustainability important? 

An eco-friendly event represents a harmonious convergence of creativity and conscience, where each aspect of planning and execution is infused with a sustainable ethos. This encompasses everything from mindful venue selection and waste reduction strategies to energy-efficient practices and eco-conscious transportation.  

But why is this paradigm shift so crucial? In an age where the climate crisis looms large, every decision carries the weight of responsibility. The events industry, known for its opulence and grandeur, has a unique opportunity to set an example, proving that innovation and eco-consciousness need not be mutually exclusive. By adopting sustainable practices, event planners not only contribute to the preservation of our planet but also establish themselves as catalysts of change in an industry ripe for transformation. 




5 Tips to make your next event more sustainable 

1. Mindful venue selection 

The foundation of an eco-friendly event is built upon the careful selection of a venue that resonates with the principles of sustainability. Seek spaces embracing green architecture, such as those with LEED certifications. These spaces are designed to minimize resource consumption while maximizing efficiency. In addition, consider the venue's accessibility to public transportation hubs, which can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of attendees.  

Furthermore, if the event is outdoors, you not only leverage the beauty of nature but also tap into the limitless source of natural lighting. 


2. Minimize waste generation  

The tale of an event is often recounted through its moments of enchantment, but it is equally important to consider its impact on the environment. A genuinely eco-friendly event goes beyond creating memories; it crafts a legacy of responsible practices that extend far beyond the event's closing curtain. 

One of the most potent avenues for sustainability lies in waste reduction. Craft a narrative where waste isn't an afterthought but a consideration woven into every aspect of planning and execution.  

Strategically position recycling stations throughout the event space, making it easy for attendees to make conscious choices. 
Invite attendees to partake in the journey of waste reduction. Encourage them to embrace reusable alternatives, steering away from the transient allure of single-use plastics. By offering eco-friendly options for cutlery, straws, and containers, attendees can engage with sustainability on a tangible level. 

And yet, the journey toward minimal waste isn't confined to just materials – it extends to the very essence of what your event represents. Convey the spirit of sustainability through event themes that champion environmental responsibility. Craft installations and décor that are upcycled or repurposed offering a visual symphony of creativity that resonates with the ideals of waste reduction. 

By infusing waste reduction into your event's DNA, you offer attendees more than just a gathering; you provide a perspective-altering experience. 

3. Sustainable catering  

Food, beyond being a sensory delight, carries immense environmental implications.  

Opt for catering partners that champion local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. By doing so, you support local farmers, reduce carbon emissions associated with food transportation, and treat attendees to a culinary journey that champions sustainability. Collaborate closely with caterers to accurately forecast portion sizes, thus curtailing food wastage.  

For events that leave surplus food, establish ties with local charities to ensure it doesn't go to waste. 

sustainable catering

4. Energy efficiency  

Unleash the power of energy efficiency to illuminate your event's sustainability journey. LED lighting is a beacon of efficiency, offering reduced energy consumption and a palette of creative lighting options.  

Furthermore, integrate smart technologies to regulate lighting and temperature, ensuring they are active only when required.  

For outdoor events, harness the sun's energy through solar-powered lighting and charging stations, showcasing innovation as brilliant as planet-friendly. 

5. Promote Eco-Conscious Transportation 

Transportation is a pivotal thread woven into the fabric of any event, offering attendees a journey to remember. Embracing eco-conscious transportation options not only elevates the event's sustainability quotient but also introduces a unique and responsible way to experience the occasion. 

Consider curating a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles to shuttle attendees to and from the event. These vehicles not only emit fewer emissions but also exemplify innovation in motion. Imagine the awe of attendees as they step into sleek electric cars, experiencing luxury in a responsible, forward-thinking manner. 

Moreover, for events held in sprawling locales, the charm of eco-friendly transportation can extend to electric golf carts or even charming bicycle carriages. These choices evoke a sense of nostalgia while aligning seamlessly with your commitment to sustainability. Attendees will relish the chance to traverse the event grounds in an eco-friendly and engaging way, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared values. 



In the symphony of event planning, orchestrating an eco-friendly composition isn't just a choice; it is a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations.  

Through the lens of these five tips, your event can transcend its purpose, becoming a beacon of sustainable celebration that leaves a positive imprint on our world. Each step, whether it is the mindful choice of a venue or the conscious reduction of waste, contributes to a harmonious harmony between grandeur and greenery. 

As you embark on your journey to create an eco-conscious event, remember that your impact resonates far beyond the event itself. It echoes in the minds of attendees, inspiring them to carry the torch of sustainability into their own lives.  

And when you are ready to bring your vision to life, consider collaborating with TERRAEVENTS. With our commitment to crafting sustainable and eco-friendly events in one of our four fantastic destinations – Italy, Spain, Portugal and France - we stand ready to transform your event into a testament to environmental responsibility.  


So, contact us today to begin your journey towards creating an event that marries your vision with the heartbeat of our planet! And for more information, read our sustainability policy

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