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5 reasons to plan your event and incentive trip in Porto

With a 2,000-year history, Oporto built along the hillsides forms an outstanding urban landscape, "Portus Cale", and is where the country bore its name.
Discover Porto's Fashion & Fabric Museum, where tradition meets modernity and innovation. Porto's design scene nurtures innovation in the use of materials.
Bring a group that likes to party as Porto's fantastic music scene explodes every evening! From cosy Jazz clubs to live music venues for concerts and the most excellent clubs.
If you enjoy wine and cheese, then look no further from the world-famous Port wine's to the punchy flavours of Queijo da Serra da Estrela, the cheese of the mountains. There is a surprising delicacy hidden around every corner.
In Porto, feel the heart of the city, the medieval Ribeira (riverside) district, narrow cobbled streets wind past merchants' houses and cafes transport you back in time on balmy summer evenings.

Other main Portuguese Destinations


Portugal's beating heart and capital city, an event destination that is as charismatic as it is vibrant, perfectly blending its culture-rich history with its progressive modern flare, your attendees will be left spellbound by the cities magnetic allure.


The glorious south coast of Portugal takes its name from the Arabic meaning 'the west'. Framed by golden cliffs and the azure ocean, bounce your group along with historic fishing villages and luxury hotels along the coasts. Take advantage of the remote islands and sprawling beaches for your next event and incentive.