Medical conference at the discovery of Lisbon

Medical conference at the discovery of unexpected and contemporary Lisbon

Unveiling the wonders of Lisbon with off-the-beaten track experiences for the first in-person event after the pandemic

Medical company
500 participants

Client’s expectations:

Our client, one of the most renowned medical associations for the fertility sector, contacted us for their annual global conference—the first live conference after the pandemic and after eighteen months of virtual meetings.
This was to be a momentous occasion as it was the first time the team would be meeting in person again after such challenging times.

At the time, Portugal was considered one of the safest countries in Europe in terms of Covid cases, regulations, and vaccinations. So, the conference took place in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

As delegates were flying from all over the world, and many travel restrictions were still in place, the client specifically requested a hybrid conference, so to be able to reach a wider audience.

Being a very special event, the client also wanted to create a sense of reunion and engagement, so they requested us to organise a series of experiential activities for all delegates, to be run simultaneously in different areas of Lisbon.

Our solution to execute the Annual Global Conference:

The health and safety of the delegates in attendance were our top priority. We wanted to create a safe environment for all the participants.
At the time, Covid-19 regulations and restrictions were still in place in Lisbon, we provided company-branded pre and on-site communications to ensure that all attendees were prepared before travelling and upon arrival. We also provided support with attendee travel documents, such as passenger locator forms, and the Covid testing.

Working closely with our client, we created a clear and straightforward communications plan, which we adopted before and during the event to easily communicate to all delegates the safety policies that we had in place for the entire event, including hand sanitisers, masks, and social distancing.

We put in place Covid-manager and additional staff to ensure that all the safety procedures were respected and conducted in accordance with national policies.
As nothing was left to chance, together with the venues and all the suppliers, we created a contingency plan, which addressed different Covid-related scenarios that could affect the meeting.

The same care and attention were used when planning the hybrid element of the conference, we ensured the venue was equipped with the best AV technology and provided on site editing, scripting and filming to enhance the at-home experience.
Thanks to the flexibility and collaboration of our technology partners, we managed to test and rehearse several times before the event.

Alongside the conference all attendees to the live event had the opportunity to discover the wonders of Lisbon by participating in different experiential activities, such as off-the-beaten-track guided tours and exclusive visits.

The programme also included a special gala dinner, for which we created a unique entertainment made of acrobats and extraordinary performers. We suggested alternative at home luxury virtual experiences that showcased the destination for the virtual attendees.

How we worked behind the scenes to create the incentive trip:

Organising an international conference in such a complex context, with all the Covid regulations and restrictions, was more than a challenge. But thanks to our team’s expertise and outstanding management skills, we delivered a unique and safe event. Collaboration and flexibility were crucial to the success of this event. Thanks to the strong cooperation with our suppliers, we ensured that everyone respected the safety policies. Our goal was to create a safe environment where all delegates could feel comfortable and secure. For this reason, we specially trained the on-site staff, providing guidelines and specific recommendations. We also worked tirelessly with our technology and creative partners to enhance the virtual experience.

Client’s feedback:

The client was extremely satisfied with the event, especially with our team, which they addressed as crucial for the success of the event. The conference was referred to by a number of participants as “one of the most professional conferences and industry events” they have ever attended, despite the difficult circumstances and Covid restrictions.

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