Fashion themed corporate event in Milan

Fashion themed corporate event in the heart of Milan

160 global VIP guests’unforgettable farewell dinner in a historical Milanese Neoclassical palace

Gala Dinner
Insurance company
160 participants

Client’s expectations:

Our client requested us to organise an unforgettable farewell dinner for their global VIP guests and spouses, around the concept of one of the most illustrious Milanese fashion designers, Federico Sangalli: “Fashion should make people dream.”

This meant combining history and modernity, in every single service, through the art of fashion and design. From the venue and the decorations to the entertainment and the catering. Every little detail needed to be carefully studied and combined to recreate an authentic and exclusive Italian fashion experience.

As expectations were exceedingly high, our main biggest challenge here was finding a symbolic and elegant venue in the heart of the city. Although Milan offers a unique variety of magnificent palaces, we were looking for something unique and sumptuous that could embrace both tradition and modernity.

Our second biggest challenge was to recreate two different themes and atmospheres within the same ballroom, in two different moments, all while serving a refined dinner, accompanied by the lyric opera performance of a well esteemed Italian duo.

Our Solution to execute the corporate event:

For the evening, we selected Palazzo Serbelloni, one of Milan’s most majestic and historical Neoclassical palaces.
In addition, our team had the connections and privilege to work closely and directly with the fashion designer, Federico Sangalli, who co-curated the entire evening.

His stunning futuristic “Light my night” collection soon became the event's protagonist, with a particular focus on his incredible futuristic illuminated Led dress.

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the location, we created a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience—an evening made of lights, decorations, music, living mannequins, and elegance.

In addition, guests had the honour to meet Mr. Sangalli, who exclusively attended the entire evening, presenting his magnificent garments and signature Led Dress. As one of the guests said, “this is what we call a truly memorable moment.”

When you have a tight schedule, planning and excellent coordination become fundamental. By closely collaborating with the catering, the designer, and the entertainers, we managed to recreate a unique journey from classical to contemporary times: from ivory linen to black tablecloths, from amber ambiance lights to violet and red spotlights, from an operatic duo to a real catwalk show with DJ set. The perfect ingredients for a surprisingly incredible evening.

How we worked behind the scenes to create the farewell dinner:

Thanks to the chemistry and collaboration between the venue, the designer, the caterers, the décor company, and the entertainers, our team managed to deliver a massively successful evening. Nothing was left to chance; we carefully curated every detail. Even the garment selection displayed during the evening was accurately chosen to match the colours of the décor and the floral arrangements. Due to the complexity of the event, we ran a number of rehearsals to ensure the correct timings and transitions between the different layouts and entertainment.

Client’s feedback:

Our client was positively surprised and elated with the results. Expectations were remarkably high, and, according to the client’s feedback, our team managed to exceed them. Not only did we deliver a successful event. We created a surprisingly immersive and exclusive experience. That evening, “fashion made people dream.”

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