Gala dinner entertainment

Exclusive and exciting Six-day incentive travel for 500 guests in Lisbon

A deep dive into Portuguese lifestyle topped with The Greatest Show themed gala night in the iconic Campo Pequeno

Incentive travel
Insurance company
500 participants

Client’s expectations:

Our client, a world-renowned insurance company, contacted us to organise their annual incentive travel programme. The previous year we delivered an unforgettable incentive experience in Rome, Italy. They were so impressed that they chose to return to us again, in Lisbon, Portugal.


At the time, our client was going through an internal restructure, so through the trip, they wanted to instil a sense of trust and growth by rewarding their top dealers and partners with an exclusive and exciting incentive trip.

The keywords for this event were 'Excellence' and 'Uniqueness.' Although Portugal is famous for its mild climate and sunny weather, they wanted to avoid the heat and specifically requested indoor activities.

In addition, the programme had to include a magical headline dinner with a specific theme that would represent the company's successes: "The Greatest Show."

Our Solution to execute the incentive travel:

Thanks to our teams' expertise and knowledge of the destination, we selected a perfect range of activities across the trip for the 500 guests, providing choices wherever possible, which were seamlessly delivered with our on-the-ground logistics.

At the heart of this incentive was the show-stopping gala dinner with the theme of "The Greatest Show." We selected the perfect destination that added grandeur while still being a blank canvas enough for us to add unique styling. By working closely and tirelessly with the venue, the performers, and the catering, we delivered a truly memorable experience.

We orchestrated each element to ensure everything worked harmoniously, from the acrobats to the dancers, caterers, music, and lights.  Every detail was timed and thoroughly coordinated. The evening included several speeches and an award ceremony, where 150 guests were awarded on stage, one at a time.  To recreate a fully immersive and engaging experience for all the participants, we used an 'in the round' format with the stage at the centre of the main hall and the tables set around it.

"The Greatest Show" is all about the performance. Thanks to our carefully selected partners, we had the best artists in town on stage, delivering a mesmerising performance with each scene carefully curated to encompass the company's brand values. We even included this in the fine details with the décor and floral arrangements to match the colours of the performers' costumes and the lights.

How we worked behind the scenes to create the incentive travel:

Five hundred is a particularly large group for an incentive trip, especially when you are trying to add luxury and personalisation so that each attendee feels like the trip was created for them. The on-the-ground logistics played an essential role in ensuring that we had transport on hand to ship the attendees between the various activities and locations as and when they needed. Our team had to go through a long research and analysis process, inspecting many venues and evaluating different activities. This was particularly the case with the gala dinner auditioning numerous performers and organising run-throughs. Our project managers were always on-site and worked endlessly with all the partners involved, testing all the services to the very limit.

Client’s feedback

The gala dinner was the highlight; they were so happy that we met their brief they selected another of our destinations the following year. Attendees commented on the sense of pride in being part of such a growing and successful organisation, which was the goal of the entire incentive. That night we truly delivered "The Greatest Show."

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